Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who joined us July 21, 2016 for an incredibly successful fundraising kickoff for the upcoming exhibition, BlackMusic, BlackWork. We appreciate the distances you drove and invitations you declined to show up for justice. The room was filled 92 lovers of music and justice and an energy that proved what we already knew the moment is ripe for a project that celebrates the history of black organizing in the arts.

We gave you a taste of what is to come in February 2017, and we are working diligently to accomplish this goal. But in the spirit of collective action, we need your help to make BlackMusic, BlackWork come to fruition. In one night, we were able to raise $15,755 about 39 percent of our goal! Please help us go all the way with a generous donation to secure an exhibition space, construct the installation, and put on an incredible grand opening.

If we want to create opportunities for black artists to thrive today, we need to invest in our history. Please donate today!


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